Some of the sentences I think are classic

1, take the most urgent is the most beautiful scenery, hurt the most pain is the most true feelings.

2, the wise put down the current into the fool to put down when the despair, how much you can put down, there is happiness.

3, in the most sad time can not lose faith, in the most happy time can not forget the frustration.

4, in the debate, the most difficult to refute the point of view is silence.

5, and some families, a few noodles will be able to hold up the hot day; some families, a bunch of gold coins but tossing the day seven down eight.

6, to be successful there can be no excuse, there will not be an excuse to succeed.

7, a child, happiness is a very simple matter; grown up, simple is a very happy thing!

8, hope and disappointment are tortured, but hope to torture people longer.

9, my life and they count the old, do not know that they did not count on, or I live wrong.

10, we give the heart to others, they do not come back; others gave another person, love will flow in the world.

11, the road to success, always in construction.

12, the so-called eternal love, is from flowers to flowers, from the roots have been love to white hair.

13, living in the hope of people, no music still dancing.

14, the beauty of life comes from your love of life, the pure friendship comes from your sincere treatment of friends.

15, juvenile time is Akira, with a lot of time anxious, only a few moments to grow.

16, if you do not always think about whether they are happy, you are happy.

17, life is not if only the consequences and results.

18, life on the eight words, emotions worry worry, eight words inside the joy and music accounted for only two, see through just fine.

19, people often lament the lack of life in the United States, it is because they lack a pair of beautiful eyes.

20, the direction of the wind is more suitable for flight, not afraid of people blocking, I ‘m afraid to surrender.


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