Mountain bike and road vehicles in the process of riding the difference in where?


Road riders need long-term stability of the power output, but because of our mountain bike race in a variety of road conditions, and constantly changing, so mountain riders often need a sustained high-power output, and this strong output often accompanied by stop before and after stampede, Or gently stampede to slow down, or through the barrier action.

Therefore, a driver in the mountain bike race again and again to repeat the ability of high-power output is very important. Although aerobic exercise is also important here, but if you can both aerobic and anaerobic exercise capacity, will have an absolute advantage.
If you just want to improve your anaerobic tolerance, then there is a hundred old and uncomfortable old method. High intensity (357 watts) sprint for a minute, then return to your normal cadence and ride for a minute. This repeat three times, and finally sprint for a minute, according to normal riding frequency riding 5 minutes. This training to do two groups.
If you want to go a step further this season, some of the sprint training for the MTB race is your secret weapon. A Power Tap power meter was used to collect the 10-min highway and mountain climbing data for the same driver. Highway data is 2% -4% uphill, mountain data is the same slope, but take the mountain. The two-legged effort was similar, with an average heart rate of 159.
But the main difference between the MTB race and the road car race is the peak output. Short-term peak will gradually accumulate into a great physical needs. It may not be a problem at one time or two, but as in the game, you will be exhausted in 88 hours in two hours.
If you reach the limit of your body in the game, you can only slow down. However, if you are trained to improve your body’s tolerance to anaerobic exercise, then you will be much faster in the game a lot.

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