Cold weather, and winter should be done before sealing a few things

Imagine winter cycling is like that



The result is a ride






Think winter or seal it
In order to their car the next year there is a good state, and will not become scrap metal, car or need to pay attention to one or two.
1, clean
Before sealing the bike must take a thorough clean, tread pattern which usually have a lot of dirt, you can use a brush to clean. , In addition to the handlebar, frame, brakes, tooth plate, chain, flywheel, transmission and other components can not let go.
After cleaning, remember to wipe with a dry cloth to prevent rust.
2, the oil
Basically, the activities of the components are required to oil, do not give the disc oil Oh.
Chain is the most basic needs of oil on the bike parts, you can use a special chain of oil.
TRANSMISSION: Your front and rear dials are the parts of the chain that move when shifting. They consist of numerous small moving parts and two guide wheels. You want to keep them clean and lubricated so that they do not stick together or become stiff. When stepping on the transmission, check the transmission is working properly, and then use lubricants to lubricate any moving parts, including the installation of turning points.
Brake lines and shift lines: These lines are responsible for passing your brakes and shifting behavior. If they rust or stick because they do not get lubricated in time, you will not be able to stop or change gears at all, or even not at all. This is a major problem. Check them often, especially when you are riding in a dusty or humid environment, dripping a few drops of re-lubrication.
Brakes and shift handles: they are on the handlebar, is the key components of braking and speed. In their turning point and adjust the nut on a few drops of lubricating oil, to ensure normal work. And then wipe excess oil, to prevent the adsorption of dust.
Brakes: Put a few drops of oil on any rotating parts you can see on the brakes (mounted on your front and rear wheels). If these easy to turn point, you can pinch the brake handle, a closer look where the rotation. The relative movement of these metal parts are where the need for lubrication. Be very careful not to let oil drop onto the brake pads. Otherwise you can not effectively brake.
Foot pedal: in the pedal and the crank connection place a few drops of oil. Also, let the oil on to the rotating part.
3, the tire cheer
There must be gas tires Oh, often a friend tires did not put a gas in the winter, that tires basic waste.
4, packing
Storage can be stored in the vehicle, you can also remove the storage.
5, place the bike
The place to store bicycles is not too much dust is recommended, not too wet places.
Xiao Bian feel, no need to seal the car a whole winter, the weather is good, you can pull out the car ride, bike alone is also very lonely.


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