Buy some bicycle precautions

1. Budget proposal: The proposal for the purpose of sport bikes and ancillary items you buy a month’s wages for the purpose in athletics, recommend to your income for the year

Limit buy bicycles and equipment.
2 Select the correct size exercise bike. There are basically asking car Mountain inch corresponding to 16,171,819 for 160-190 people (For details, please Baidu or purchase their own time

Line) highway general above the riser pipe and the size of the size of the flag.
The following is a measure of body length and a part of the frame size is calculated, for your reference.
1. Measure thigh length
The best measure to wear the jersey, stand on level hard ground, assisted by a person of the body upright, feet apart, at about ten centimeters with a book or something similar level set

In the crotch, the intensity is less than the appropriate car seat is applied to measure the distance from the ground to the top of the book:
2. Measure the length
Posture the same as in step 1, the bottom of the V-shaped groove between the measuring subclavian distance from the upper end to the book
3. Measure the arm length a
Level standing, Stretch your arms palms forward, measured from the jaws of death to the plane of the rib distance
4. Measurement Shoulder erect, arms relaxed, measure the width of the shoulder at
More than three times the size of each measurement, averaging
Based on the above data you can get what you need frame size:
Highway Frame Size = i * 0.67 (cm)
Mountain bike frame size = (i * 0.67-11.0) * 0.394 (inches)
Stem length = [(t + a) / 2 + x] -et
(G road vehicles x = 4; mountainous x = 8; et = effective top tube length
You fit the crank length: long legs range (cm) crank length
65cm – 70cm 165mm
71cm – 76cm 170mm
79cm – 81cm 172.5mm
82cm – 90cm 175mm
:( Bend bend the width refers to the length to the width of the center-to-center)
The wide range of s Shoulder cm
38cm 38 40
39cm 40
40cm 40
41cm 40 42
42cm 42
43cm 42 44
More professional but also more complicated than, let’s look a little intuitive.
Simple controls:
Idlers of law: basic control frame and height dimensions
Merida (frame)
14-inch: 160CM less
16-inch: 160-175CM
18-inch: 170-185CM
20-inch: 185CM above
Giant (frame)
15-inch: 160CM less
17-inch: 165-180CM
19-inch: 173-185CM
21-inch: 185CM above
Road car tube level Chart
166cm / 49cm
167cm / 49.5cm
168cm / 50cm
169cm / 50.5cm
170cm / 51cm
171cm / 51.5cm (Eddy Merckx MC EWEN 171cm / 51.5cm)
172cm / 52cm
173cm / 52.5cm
174cm / 53cm
175cm / 53.5cm (GIANT Vinokourov, Colnago RASMUSSEN175cm / 53.5cm)
176cm / 54cm
177cm / 54.5cm (TREK Lance Armstrong 178cm / 54.5cm)
178cm / 55cm (BMC Landis Floyd 178cm / 55cm)
179cm / 55.5cm
180cm / 56cm
181cm / 56.5cm (CERVELO IVAN BASSO, JULICH Bobby, 181cm / 56.5cm)
182cm / 57cm (GIANT Jan Ullrich 183cm / 57cm)
183cm / 57.5cm
184cm / 58cm
185cm / 58.5cm
186cm / 59cm
187cm / 59.5cm [size =; font-size: 10.5000pt, 10.5000pt]
The above data for reference
Choose depends on the specific circumstances of the car, because the car, vary, there are car uses, the best test ride personally look, serious considerations.

3 brand choice, then there is the Giant basic (nothing to do), Merida (main mountain), etc., (like bmw do not consider what, do you think a face

Understand people know knockoff) If you ask me which brand is good? Which high cost? To tell the truth in fact each entry vehicle brand are in fact very much the same major

Or look at the store’s service.
4 Recommendation to the local bike shop to buy the vehicle, so that the nearest warranty and debugging. Prices then bike companies have more than the official website, please go online query. These price

Lattice this was not negotiable but there will be a certain percentage of the various brands of the provisions of Annex gift vary, we recommended to choose a helmet, gloves and other life-saving items.
5 In addition to the bike, riding some of the ancillary equipment is essential, helmet, gloves are a necessity, if cycling at night is also a necessity taillights. head

Helmets glove with what might you feel silly, or do not want attention, or that you’ll be careful when riding, I do not take good driving skills … etc but you have to know

Road Sometimes you ride the accident occurred not because of the problem, but others hit you, maybe this time the helmet can save your life. And wearing a helmet and gloves will

Put your own motor vehicle drivers and commuter shopping cart to distinguish, make him notice you. Helmet and gloves you can buy online because of this there is not a maintenance issue

Recommended to buy more than 100 one-piece helmets and gloves for more than 50 with silicone filler.

These, if useful, welcome to comment


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