World’s top ten cities for cycling

1 Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the most suitable cycling city, nearly 40 percent of travel activities to be completed by bicycle. People can rent bicycles, the city also plans to build a large bicycle parking lot at the main train station.

Copenhagen, Denmark 2

32% of Copenhagen residents bike to work regularly, you can even rent a bike for free to pay a deposit.

Bogota, Colombia 3

While here there is no government policy on bicycles in Europe or the United States so enlightened, but one statistic Bogota is very good for the development of the bike – because only 13 percent of residents own a car, a bicycle has become a necessity. Once a week, the government will be more than 70 miles of vehicle Road closed to facilitate cyclists, joggers, rollerblading Activities.

4 Brazil Curitiba

Curitiba has worked for 40 years as the popularity of bikes, and now the city bike lanes everywhere.

5 Montreal, Canada

The city plans to expand the current total length reached the 2,400-mile bicycle path network, also launched North America’s first bike sharing system.

Portland, Oregon 6

Portland’s urban neighborhoods have bike lanes, but also to less affluent residents of low-cost commuter bicycles, equipped with a helmet, lock, pump, maps, and rain gear.

7 in Basel, Switzerland

Basel is not only bicycle lanes, is also a bicycle left turn lanes, in addition to the city’s bicycle rental service is also first-class quality.

8 Barcelona, ​​Spain

The center of Barcelona built a unique green bike path, which has 100 bike stations, one can hire a bicycle at a station, then at another station the car has to go back.

9 China Beijing

Many developing countries and cities, Beijing car ownership is also developing rapidly, but the bike is still the best means of transport tour Beijing, because Beijing’s automobile traffic too slow, too congested.

10 in Trondheim, Norway

The most unfavorable place cycling uphill, but Trondheim has a bicycle, “elevator”, the drivers do not need a signle breathlessly pedaling, you can use the elevator ride thrust hillside.


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