Several cycling profile

Tour de France

Tour de France is the road cycling world in the annual contest, it can be said is the most important cycling road race, the cumulative total length of over 3000 km. From 1903 onwards, in addition to being suspended two world wars, the annual summer will be held in July. Immediately after the Tour of Spain race and ring the Italian race, became the climax of the summer and the end of the cycling race. Belong to split time race route through France and neighboring countries, such as Spain, champions for the minimum period of time accumulated by.

There are 22 pro team race, they get the UCI ProTour team licenses and ASO received a wild card team. Each team has nine riders participate in the competition. Champion has stage wins and the championship, there are individual champion and team champion, and a total score ranking (calculated according to game time), standings, rankings and other young drivers. Total score of leading riders to wear the yellow jersey, the sprint points leader wearing a green jersey, the best score by climbing red shirt white spots, the first time in the Tour de France riders the best performance wear white jersey.

Tour de France originates from “motor vehicle newspaper” and “Bicycle newspaper” competition two newspapers. At that time, “motor vehicle newspaper” editor Henry 德斯格朗吉 (Henri Desgrange) decided to organize a “world’s most important cycling race!” Thus, July 1, 1903 the birth of the first Tour de France . A total of 60 players participated in the tournament, eventually Maurice Garin (Maurice Garin) became the world’s first Tour de France championship.

Giro d’Italia

Giro d’Italia was born in 1909, it is generally known as GIRO. And, like the Tour de France, GIRO is initiated by a news media La Gazzetta dello Sport. The game scheduled for the spring season Sheng May.

Central Italy game was marked by the pink jersey (Europe known as Rose shirt), which first appeared in 1931, Learco Guerra put first pink jersey in the 19th stage of the GIRO year the opening ceremony. And the yellow jersey of the Tour de France, as it marks the total score of the first riders. However Giro too traditional rules, so it is not too well-known, successful smaller than the Tour de France.

Giro four-shirt: the pink jersey, the total score of the first riders, appeared in 1931. Celtics, the most points riders mountain stages. First appeared in 1933, 1974 switch to green. Blue shirts, the highest time in INTERGIRO timing of riders, first appeared in 1989. Violet shirt, riders get the most points in the game. Born in 1966, from 1967 to 1969 between red and violet 1970 switch. Central Italy has two ranked second grade, one is considered the total time, the other one is counted INTERGIRO time.

Tour of Spain Tour

Tour of Spain cycling race started in 1935, held annually since 1955. It is ranked in the Tour de France, Central Italy game after the third-largest international road cycling events. Compared Bainianhuanfa and nearly a century of Central Italy, just turned 75 years of seniority Central West race undoubtedly slightly inferior, only in recent years become one of the truly top three events.

Spaniard won 27 championships in all 59 tournament, and the rest were in Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Colombia and Ireland riders divided.

Central West has four honorary shirt: Red, green jersey, polka-dot jersey and in white.

Red: Awards minimum total score of riders took honors shirt. Once yellow and gold, since 2010 onwards to red. And the Tour de France is different, Central West there is a time bonus, which is minus seconds. Each stage of the championship will be subtracted from the total score of 20 seconds, 12 seconds runner-up, second runner-up eight seconds. Polka-dot jersey: that is the king’s honor award climbing shirt, to get the most people wearing climbing points. Midway games have different levels of climbing, according to the degree of difficulty climbing and reach have bonus points. Central West of dots of different colors with the Tour de France, it is blue. In white: all-around shirt, rewards the total score, sprint points, the highest ranking riders climbing integral honor shirt. If a driver is qualified to wear more than one at the same time honor shirt, wore the most important pieces that, for example, while a red shirt and polka-dot jersey winner, wore a red shirt, and polka-dot jersey for the second driver wearing climbing Points dare to fight Award: Each stage will be selected a driver, obtain dare to fight Award, to reward those who are aggressive drivers. Dare to fight Award riders get the next stage can be toting red numbers race.




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