An important indicator of cycling sport have? —- Heart rate (an important one)

I will not take pictures of equipment, and there is the need for direct internet search on the line, because I’m lazy

Almost all the athletes front road vehicles have one to two tables, in addition to recording speed, course, cadence outside there is a very important data which is above – heart rate (the number of beats per minute)

Then the heart rate exercise bike exactly what use is it?
How should we use the data?
How to get your target heart rate?

Here we talk about the younger with personal views, but also to welcome you to share your valuable experience.

First, the heart rate during exercise bike use.

Talking about this, probably many bike lovers will immediately think of the training → professional training → professional cyclist …… they have five days a week at work, only the weekend was free to ride, you can go to the gym at night up to one hour. Thus, the heart rate may not be important to me.

In fact, both professional cyclist training or spare time cycling training, exercise, or data on the medical report tells you must exercise our powers of …… to pay attention to your heart rate when cycling, is necessary .

On the one hand, it can make your training intensity is guaranteed; on the other hand, can be detected in real time, and will not let your heart “blew up.” Especially for some basic training of veterans and want to improve their results using heart rate zones to develop their own training program is very necessary; the other is just beginning to ride the new, previously almost never done what sport, The bike belongs to greater intensity cardio exercise, this time to focus on the heart rate can act as a “protection” role. For those determined to use a bicycle to lose weight and enhanced cardio aerobic capacity, the test their heart rate and guarantee 3 times a week for about one hour at 65% -70% of the target heart rate, riding, cycling destination than scattershot day blind multi-funny role.

Usually critical point at 85 percent of maximum heart rate this place, here is aerobic above is anaerobic. And 85 percent of the area we called threshold. If you are cruising, when the heart rate exceeds this percentage would adjust, otherwise sooner or later you’ll stop. Beginners recommended not to exceed 80%, should be gradual.

PS: Some people may not heartbeat to this figure but still feel Tuisuan or difficulty breathing stopped, it is because over the lactate threshold or breathing threshold, and these two things aside temporarily.

Second, how should we use the data?

Here to do something simple introduction. We can now roughly divided into five heart rate zones heart rate :( less represented by XX% XX% of maximum heart rate)

Recovery interval: 55% -65% (after restoration suitable for race)
Endurance range: 65% -75% (based on the establishment of suitable aerobic)
Power range: 75% -85% (suitable for training muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, the lower threshold training)
Intermittent: 65% -92% (the threshold for training, can be divided into intermittent and dense disperse intermittent)
Competition Day: 80% -92% (suitable for competition and training simulation training, training effect detection and match)

For beginners: 6-8 weeks is recommended beginning all endurance interval training, training three times a week is appropriate. After the interval can be gradually added strength training, interval training. If it is not long-term movement or have high blood pressure and other symptoms, endurance interval training time recommendations elongated try to control the target heart rate at 65% -70%.

For veterans, it can be a long time, more frequency, lower heart rate (around 70% -75%) of training to lay the foundation, about 10 hours a week now. After there according to their own goals (large group contest, climbing race …) to carry out training for some may well be a way.

Third, how to get your target heart rate?

We discussed above some percentage of maximum heart rate, then to what your maximum heart rate depending on the individual do? Affixed to the hospital specialized testing equipment can measure only a few people may realize it.

The following two methods recommended for your reference.

1, calculated (this method belongs to a rough estimate, there are some errors)

Maximum heart rate = 220 – age boys
Girls maximum heart rate = 225- Age

Note: There are a small number of people born maximum heart rate on the low side, so the focus on the data must also concern itself felt. Breathing is rapid, if there is palpitation, dizziness and other symptoms.

2, by riding station, stationary bike test (this method is suitable for a certain riding experience and good health of veterans, novice or physical discomfort deprecated)

Equipment required: riding a bike station + / stationary bike as
A heart rate monitor, sport drinks bottle, a little chocolate and other energy supplements, recorder one.

Preparation: a good rest the night before the test day the body without symptoms. Before testing 1.5 hours to eat some carbohydrates as an energy reserve.

Test time: 26 minutes

Test Procedure:
0-15 minute warm-up: 15 minutes after the heart rate will remain at 80%;
16-50 points: sitting and standing alternately ride, cadence maintained at about 100. At the end of the heart rate maintained at 85% -90%;
Parking wipe water rest for 1 minute.
21-25.5 minutes: Analog individual time trial, the cadence is maintained at 100-110. Try to keep the heart rate at 95%
Last 30 seconds: stand up pumping car now! Sprint now! Get out your last effort to … At this point scorer note the highest number that will appear on the wrist. (Not necessarily have to ride 30 seconds End)

PS: This method there is an error in the 1-2 shoot around, it has been very accurate the data. I use this method to test the heartbeat was 203, the final 30 seconds only to step on the strength of no more than 20 seconds, down to recover for a long time … there is a Huanguo Lai to add that our goal is not to improve training maximum heart rate, this figure is relatively fixed. And depending on your age, this figure gradually reduced to training heart rate zone and a threshold like.


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