What are the benefits of winter riding?


1, cycling, due to muscle shrinking, rapid breathing, metabolism, body heat generated increased. It also enhances the excitability of the cerebral cortex, so that the temperature regulation center is sensitive and accurate temperature regulation, improve people’s ability to keep out the cold. Therefore, people who insist on winter exercise, cold hardiness enhanced 8-10 times than the average person.
2, in outdoor sports, accept the sun, compensate for the lack of sunlight. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can not only kill the human skin, viruses and germs on the clothes on the human body to detoxify. But also to promote the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus to help bone growth and development. Especially for young people is a long body, take part in outdoor exercise is more important.
3, also can accelerate through the bad blood, increasing the supply of oxygen in the brain, which is the elimination of brain fatigue caused by long-term work, enhance memory, improve learning efficiency, have a positive effect.
4, cyclists are able to lose weight. Cycling, due to the cyclical aerobic exercise, so those who consume more calories exercise, as long as adhere to the movement, will be able to achieve the effect you want!

As the saying goes, “Winter Move, less trouble a disease; winter, a lazy lazy, drink medicine bowl.”
Friends, so what, added outdoor cycling, with us will be together in the end healthy.

What winter cycling Notes:
Most people who like sports, like cycling in the choice of departure, which not only helps your body healthy, giving the body a good exercise, but also to get your personal endurance discipline. In the cold winter, when cyclists will be some unavoidable and unexpected problems, then we should pay attention when riding a bicycle to what matters it? Here with us together to learn about it! At that time, when you ride a bike this season, it would not appear that much of the problem can not be resolved.
In winter, some car lovers choose sealed vehicle, waiting for the next spring. More car lovers continue to ride the bicycle, into nature, as partners with the wind, surf the Divine.

Winter riding is different from the spring, summer, autumn, natural conditions are relatively hard, whether rider or vehicle, pay attention to many places, here, on personal experience and we explore. Can not wear a mask when riding, wear a mask if, because hot breath can unknowingly masks to form ice on the outside, causing facial frostbite. Winter is the most likely site of frostbite ear, nose and hands and feet, paying particular attention to those parts of the insulation. Cycling and walking carts can take a combination of methods to promote and improve blood circulation. But also to prepare a batch of rain, in addition to rain, there are many other uses. Winter riding, such as felt itchy skin, swelling, numbness or even when blisters, frostbite cream to use as soon as possible and make a partial insulation lightly coated. Should not result in itching and rub hard. First, dress codes, relatively low winter temperatures, body heat consumption, the dress should be considered first windproof, breathable, warm these three principles, windproof limited means to reduce direct contact with cold air outside the body, causing physical discomfort, ventilation is It refers to the body’s natural perspiration, after heat, heat and water vapor does not stay within the garment, rapid discharge. Warm, as the name suggests, is to keep the body temperature. Based on these three areas, choosing the right dress it is very important.

Cycling travel safety first: When the temperature at the time of 5 to 15 degrees, you can choose upper quick-drying underwear + long-sleeved jersey, fleece pants riding pants or riding pants Qiuku + mix, the temperature is not very low , riding process, heat dissipation is not large, quick-drying underwear and riding clothes have good permeability, individually quick-drying underwear chest thick layer of fibrous layer handling, riding pants as tight design, effectively reduce the direct contact with the oncoming wind leg, lower resistance and heat loss.

When the temperature at the time of -5 to +5 degrees, you can choose upper quick-drying underwear Fleece + cheaters + mix, under thick length riding pants, riding pants or short pants + + wool pants, now senior winter fleece jersey are generally inherent design, the outer choke material design, it is suitable for riding activities this temperature.

When the temperature is -5 or less when I do not recommend long-distance cycling events, short ride recommended, quick-drying underwear + + Fleece Jackets with, consider thermal underwear pants riding pants + thick mix.

Glove: the winter should choose all mittens, back to have to strengthen the design, to avoid damage caused by the accident on the first section.

Riding Tips, a few notes:

1, there is no quick-drying underwear, it can be replaced with a short-sleeved jersey, after all, almost material, better ventilation.

2, is not recommended to wear thick or too large jacket, riding pants, this will increase the drag, resulting in unnecessary heat loss. Large dress will also ride brings no small risk.
3, winter riding through the other three quarters of the dress as far as possible – clothing colors bright, prone to pay attention to the road vehicles, safety first.

4, goggles choice is very important, can effectively reduce wind irritate the eyes. Cycling is especially important after the snow. Can effectively reduce the sun reflected on the eye injury.

5. Full mittens feeling cold, you can take a thin white gloves included, then put the whole external mittens. This will effectively keep warm.

6, some small things will give you a great help bring riding, sports scarves are very many choices, popular magic scarf, can transform a variety of shapes, change a variety of uses, whether masks or scarves, scarves I believe you will need.

Based on the above said, we can conclude that a large winter cycling should note: not too big to wear, the color should be bright, quick-drying underwear, goggles selection, full finger gloves, scarves as well as the choice of selection and so on, These small problems you have to draw attention in this season Oh!

November 26, 2015



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