What are the benefits of riding clothes (Jersey) ?

Several days did not write the article, because some small favor, went to find some articles about riding clothes, and then have a little summary of this article now, right, then you

Let’s see.

Jersey 01

Many people will choose to ride a bicycle to work, if selected for their bikes, plus a ride with the scientific method, let you in on a way to get to work

The most effective workout, riding a small share more knowledge here, wearing jersey cycling fitness five good method:

Power cycling method

That is according to the different conditions that force to ride, such as: adjusting gear uphill or uphill size (limited to a five-speed or variable speed ten-speed bicycle), this method can improve the legs

Muscle strength or muscular endurance qualities.

Core strength cycling method

Buttocks leave the seat during the ride, but do not stand up straight, while the core parts (waist and abdomen) to exert control body balance, using this method can train the core parts of the muscle

Group strength.

Intermittent cycling method

In cycling, the first to ride in the slow one to two minutes, then ride two minutes to 1.5 to 2 times the speed, and then the slow ride, then back to fast, so alternating cycle exercise

You can improve the trainer’s ability to adapt to aerobic exercise.

Reduced fat cycling method

Medium speed cycling, generally uninterrupted ride more than 40 minutes, keeping in mind the laws of breathing, very effective for fat loss.

Intensity cycling method

First requirement to own 60% of the limit speed riding five to seven minutes, followed by observing their heart rate per minute pulse, it is in interval cardio training

, So it can achieve the effect of cardiovascular system.

Jersey 02


1. wear professional sports jersey, improve quality, and movement of body motion Concord, optimum muscle training. Wear gloves professional sports, one slip, the second is wrestling

After the fall to protect the hands.

2. Not Recommended weight (back shoulder bag) cycling training, exercise bike is mainly sustained time, if the load is likely to injure another rider to the back and the lumbar spine.

3. No matter what kind of sport that requires every 5-10 minutes were replenishment.

4. The location of the seat. People standing on the ground, side leg lift, height and thigh parallel to the ground when the seat height can be consistent.

Beginning tomorrow to ride to work it! ! Open Plus mode: Love life, love riding.


November 22, 2015



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