What rain ride should pay attention to?

Rain ride should pay attention to what the problem? I believe many of my friends have experienced rain riding, one taste also deep, rain riding really have a lot of discomfort, such as the line of sight will become blurred, water roads, traffic is unknown, etc., so riding faithful departure the former must be prepared, if they are riding on the way in the rain, have rain equipment replaced quickly find a place, not prepared to find the best place to shelter from the rain, not cold, the body matter, but also when rain pay attention to safety, to prevent lightning strikes and landslides and debris flows. So rainy ride should pay attention to what the problem? Take a look at the specific description given below it.



Rain ride should pay attention to what the problem?

1. Be careful when the corners.

Rainy, wet roads as well as sand, gravel, etc. will make the tires skid, making the corners even more dangerous. Therefore, to advance the brake, keeping in mind the other rider’s position, prevent crashes, causing unnecessary harm, at the corners, the upper body to be more straight, the speed should be slow point, advance quickly in case of emergency under car.

2. Avoid pumping car climbing.

If climbs steep (gradient of 10% +), you must be careful not to draw the car, avoid skidding the rear, because the wet road will make the rear wheel friction becomes very small, then should try to remain seated, After shifting the center of gravity, increasing the pressure on the rear wheels, while careful of sand, gravel and fallen leaves on the pavement.

3. To advance understanding of traffic.

It sounds simple, but we often forget these small and simple things, before departure, we must first understand the local road, uphill how long, how long downhill section, is parked the oil, cement or gravel road dirt road To calculate the time, how long can ride many miles, so dark, not the destination, this long-distance riding for people who are very important! At the same time, to avoid the road where there is stagnant water, because there may be underwater pit or stone.

4. Install the fender.

Install fender, to avoid rejection of you covered with rain and mud.

5. Wear appropriate, keep warm.

Rain riding warm cold is very important, it will be very vulnerable to cold, raincoats boots Needless to say, the best is brightly colored raincoats, not only rain, but also can serve as a warning, to ensure their own safety. Autumn, winter cycling, you can wear easy to wear off the Fleece, Jackets. When the wind, to wear a mask to prevent inhalation of too much cold air, causing throat irritation, chest warm keeping in mind, in addition, the purchase of a pair of non-slip waterproof warm gloves is also a good choice, but water glasses, waterproof backpack, along The helmet, also have belt.

6. Keep clear line of sight.

When cycling in the rain, yellow or clear lens glasses are a good choice. Yellow lenses quite useful when the line of sight is not good, there is the lighting effect, and the scene will be clearer shape, it is not as clear lenses, while in the car installation conspicuous warning device, to avoid being rear-ended.

7. Turn on the lights.

There are lighting effects, but also make it easier for motorists to see you and ride with other people.

8. Be sure to pay attention to safety.

Rain riding, be sure to pay attention to safety, this time the road slippery, easy to slip in case of thunderstorm days, a large rain, it is best to find a place to shelter from the rain, do not shelter under the tree, nor in the absence of a grounded metal room shelter to avoid lightning, nor rain in the dangerous slopes to prevent landslides or mudslides have occurred, when the thunder, do not stand in a higher position place.

9. a hot drink fend off the cold.

Upon arrival, quickly replace the body trying on clothes, drinking a cup of hot ginger water and other hot drinks, fend off the cold to prevent colds.

Rain ride more pay attention to safety, it can not travel if the rain does not travel more appropriate recommendation, of course, we have a special hobby exceptions


November 14, 2015


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