Buy riding gloves Precautions

Many of my friends do not like when riding gloves, and some even feel gloved very loaded to force. But the effect is still very large gloves, here to introduce it.

Since riding glove into the whole half refers to two fingers and two glove selection generally see cycling routes and cycling season selection,

Generally according to what aspects of selection:

1. In the winter riding gloves to purchase a certain wind warmth.

In particular, cycle routes for extremely cold climates, cold hands make stiff, which can adversely affect vehicle handling, especially on cold winter roads Because freeze, brake is particularly important if you will undoubtedly stiff hand brake control appears to slow , so pay attention to riding gloves warm situation, but does not recommend the use of special thick cotton gloves, because cycling requires a flexible and delicate hand operation, heavy facial glove hand is not conducive to the operation.

Optional riding gloves need to pay attention to what areas?

2. Specially designed to have the inside of the glove skid.

This is important, because the current mountain bike use dual control handle change hands, gloves up to the special non-slip handle, will be very helpful while operating in the finger part.

3, part of the palm to have liners.

Bicycle glove liner is required for the design. Liner not only can play the role of increased comfort, but also non-slip. It should be noted that the thickness of the pad is not a good, thick pad will grip the handlebars when not very docile, there will be unexpected sense, but uncomfortable and not conducive to the operation. Pad another most important role is in mountain bike inclined, because of the palm is always the first ground, the palm pad can be well protected.

4, part of the thumb or the jaws of death have wear layer.

Used to protect the thumb or the tiger’s mouth, not too thick, as thick handlebar or hand in hand when the effect will become more obvious.

5, long wrist.

Or thermal effects. If you are not using the professional use of winter riding jacket, or your sleeve to tighten enough, or you do not want to go inside the sleeve will pour wind, then some good long wrist part.

6. If you choose to ride in the spring and summer gloves or cycling route is not very cold places require special attention breathability, and how quick-drying effect, otherwise injure the opponent unit is great.

In summary, the purchase of riding gloves special attention is more than six terms.


November 13, 2015


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