How to choose cycling shoes?

Cycling is no longer a simple means of transport, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, it is with you to travel around the “good partner”, is a carrier spiritual pleasure. Whether in the road, forest road, mountain road, there will be a rider’s figure. People not only want to reach the destination together with it, but also want to enjoy riding course, enjoy the natural beauty, relax tense mood. Cycling is a way of life that people enjoy. Then our riding friends how to choose a professional cycling shoes?

Bike riding friends how to choose the professional cycling shoes?

Since riding shoes and ordinary shoes have some different, so the choice is to look at it first and foremost comfort. So how to choose a pair of comfortable cycling shoes? Take a look at the specific Explanation given below it:

First, the size. Most cycling shoes are EU as a unit, but be careful, A brand EU42 numbers, not necessarily equal to B brand EU42, in addition, some riding shoes are US as a unit, whether in the EU or US for the unit, most effective method is to use a ruler to measure the length of his own foot under the.

Second, the width. The same size shoes, its width may be different, different brands of shoes, its width is a difference, try to personally choose the time, to ensure that the first part of the foot to the heel has been not feel too tight to wear down.

Third, the foot. Choice to know their arch is high or low, the internal rotation or external rotation, do not have to select the brand of cycling shoes, they are just good workmanship and quality, not necessarily suitable for your foot type.

When selected to be selected according to the above three, the initial use or shoes to pick inexperienced, you can go to the store to pick, try, try a few brands, you can go after the skilled shop and see, after all, shop still a lot cheaper. Riding Camp online store is definitely the best choice for our riding friends, there is a wealth of cycling equipment so you get Oh!


November 12, 2015 


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