Junior bike riding friends must know Tyre Notes

Bicycle Tire has a characteristic, if one did not succeed, then this tire useless. There are two reasons for the failure: 1. No dry tire sealant that is labeled Tyre sheet. Gum solvent volatilization process and discouraged between the tire and tire repair sheet to form a gas passage. If you are too impatient, affix Tire chip Tire chip can also find on the tire slide, basically this tire on the death penalty. 2. Tyre between the plate and the tire has not expelled air. It will also discouraged between the tire and tire repair sheet to form a gas passage.

Then junior bike riding friends must know Tyre precautions are what it? Take a look at 7:00 considerations given below it:

1. Carefully look for break point. In the wild only about as the first post link as listening with ears. The best preparation for a crayon, marked the first break point and then started working.

2. Carefully break point surrounded by rough play. In particular, if the break point in the tube near the mold closing line, but be careful of the parting line tube polished.

3. The glue must break point as the center, a radius of about 15mm, first draw a circle with glue, and then go on break point average on plastic. Reason: In terms of the first break point of the gel, and then gradually out of the plastic, because plastic visually easy to see after the break points, is likely to result after tire repair, tire repair piece break point is not in the middle, representing the probability of failure of Tyre high.

4. Apply glue to dry have to wait its surface, it appears to be gray, rather than the shiny shiny, in order to affix Tyre sheet.

5. After the puncture film, hard to find a flat place to stand on top of the tire with the tool gradually out tap hole by the break, in order to determine the air expelled.

6. Carefully check the tire, be sure to find the culprit Sapporo tire. If necessary, to bring along a needle-nose pliers to pull nails to prepare.

7. Replace the inner tube to be smooth, to avoid tire and inner tube has been broken wheels rolling.

November 9, 2015

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