Happy riding


Love riding riding car faithful love, love to travel further afield, this pursuit itself is a pleasure, the harvest is a joy! But also the full

Put on riding clothes, riding wear a hat, glasses, gloves, and so a series of equipment, we are happy departure.

Cycling is fun, but also hard. I used to have to participate in cycling, from deep. Riding to a certain time, the body will feel a little tired, inevitably leg arm acid. Ride for a long time, feeling numb ass below have, at this time, if we can stop to rest, this feeling is the pursuit of one, feel good.

Sometimes, far away, not to the designated place to rest that he is out of breath, out of breath, and really want to stop and rest, slowly vigor. Along the way, constantly shifting, speed, stamina and speed trying to adjust to the best state, good to catch up with the front of his teammates, you also do not want someone else’s hind legs dragging it!

Riding tired, we focus to a certain place to rest. Rest, is an adjustment, to replenish their energy. There is water, there is sorting hat, there is something to eat, but also to seize the time suck cigarette. Some seize the time to look at the activities legs, arms and waist stretch to stretch, to check the vehicle, or try to avoid falling behind midway What happens there, and hide the side holding the camera photography for everyone, quietly to capture some of the color Lens, tease everyone happy. But also for the way to retain a lot of wonderful on the road, to reach the point when you can organize into a book, slowly aftertaste, which is a valuable asset.

Everyone is tired, riding in small groups of friends get together, exchange and free. Talk about interesting things seen and heard in the past, to talk about their own experience through the story. Topic relatively more, this time to see the sights or what? Where to place the next stop?

Without repression at work, without the bureaucratic infighting on, fewer parents in a short period of trouble, we as close as brothers and sisters, like to a different kind of world, relaxed and extremely happy.

By riding, indeed we can be a strong body, mind and body feel very relaxed. You see, many of them have a lot riding ranks of old friends, full of energy, radiant, walking fast wind, from the car to ride as electrical switch. Some insist on the many years of long-distance riding, still bored, mind like man, my heart was young and living longer.

However, the ride is not suitable for everyone. To fully consider their own physical condition, have heart disease, hypertension unwell to be careful, and from, vehicles, time and other factors. Suitable go, should not be forced. Otherwise, it is not pleasure, but pain, more harm than good.

After all, much of the ride is to eat bitter, bitter to eat, our body to get exercise, strong body is the goal, but also our tireless pursuit of happiness and joy.

So happy to accompany us to ride all the way to joy, the way the song!


November 6, 2015


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