Together with the familiar look of the Tour de France cycling race suit some knowledge

To understand the extent of professional bicycle race, I only come to stay in the team barely distinguish the brand level. For the “Tour de France” bicycle race this flourishing more only a “watch” mentality. Some recent research on the jersey, so specifically search for a moment the meaning of the Tour de France cycling race mainly several different clothing. Of course, these professional riding friends for many years of concern or the Tour de France cycling enthusiasts are basic common sense, but allows me and enthusiasts at the entry stage and I almost made a brief introduction, perhaps so that we can see this article You should be able to understand a little knowledge of how much (or only half-baked novice did not know)

1, the yellow jersey (breakaway)
That is the yellow jersey in the entire multi-day road cycling competition, a total score of the leader, with a total score of riding time every day and, minus the riders win stages or sections reward time. Therefore, when a minimum race who wear the yellow jersey.
In the Tour de France, the winner of each stage will also receive a commemorative yellow jersey.

2, the green jersey (sprint)
The end of each stage are assigned sprint points, the most points each day who could wear the green jersey.
Celtics are among those competing for the sprint – at the stage at the end to see who could quickly win the final sprint acceleration. All drivers have a chance to gain time bonus.


3, in white (new)
Awarded to the best rookie. The first time to participate in the Tour de France riders in the race the best results.

4, the polka-dot jersey (climbing)
Pink polka-dot jersey: the Tour de France in the game, due to geographical reasons, there will be part of the mountain stages, these stages in sprint points for the highest bidder will get a pink polka-dot jersey.

5. rainbow jersey (Champion)
Also known as the rainbow jersey champion shirt, all the different kinds of world cycling champion, such as time trial, road race, Pursuit etc., have the right to participate in similar competition wear the rainbow jersey, it is a symbol of honor and identity. But the Tour de France does not seem to appear in the clothes, it is not clear what specific events in use. But I saw many titles have clothes Rainbow logo. You can take a closer look at, or who knows what can tell you is that.

This is the 2011 Tour de France podium, four drivers debut, everyone at a glance. Why the body is so good ……
This is the 2010 podium, careful viewers found, among which four-color shirt winner two stations are different, but the new king is always in the leftmost position. This is just the station, or a regular? Solution.


This is a four-rider show in 2010, where it will be able to see the team’s intentions directly, in addition to clothes, helmets, trailers, combine all shades worn clothes made with color, in addition to sponsoring clothes foreign providers did not abandon the advertising team recognition.


Sponsors said, I have to talk about
We look at the podium in 2011 can be seen, the yellow jersey sponsors – Credit Lyonnais LCL (Le Credit Lyonnais); green jersey sponsor – French National horse race betting company PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain); white shirt sponsor Suppliers – Skoda (SKODA) this we are more familiar with Kazakhstan, Qinghai Lake is also its sponsor; the polka-dot jersey sponsor – Carrefour (Carrefour) this we are more familiar with it

Interestingly, when the award four riders beside all car models and drivers dress clothes and sponsors corporate culture fit. Presentation of car models such as the yellow jersey is yellow silk texture of the dress skirt, with the sponsor’s financial sector phase fit. Cars are a bit like the green jersey of the casino staff dress, which is consistent with the gaming company’s image. In white because it is new rewards, so the combination of LOGO his Skoda car models giving a small fresh feeling. As for the polka-dot jersey, we see clothing like a housewife in the supermarket shopping dress up. These car models pictures I will not put up, we are interested you can go to look at over the years, the Tour de France awards ceremony.

In fact, this and any other sports, like athletics competition in addition to stimulating content, there are many interesting things to watch. I hope more and more like I just started junior enthusiasts to participate in this movement. Of course, we do not need to pursue how professional, just set foot on our own bikes on the road, be happy!

Movement to the fitness is good, people happy, things so naturally, we have to ride the starting point for all kinds of different, but the essence is to do what you want to do.

November 4, 2015 

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