Select riding glasses

I had wanted to look around the Internet there is no recommendation about how riding glasses, took great pains not to find a suitable, so wanted to write a hope to find the time when you can spend someone.

First, if the vision perfect, without any problems, then congratulations, you can choose any one look cool, but also points to use, riding glasses, if you are nearsighted, then I regret that, you old honest real wear your glasses on the road now.

眼镜Individual words, very recommendation with contact lenses cycling, because long-distance travel is not usual, weathered easy to dry eyes, plus contact lenses airtight, big damage to the eyes.

There is also a point to say that the choice of riding glasses, then, must be selected according to the face, the scene of wear better, with or without a nice, wear and headache card, which is often the case, nose pads Be sure to place soft, resilient, temples to ensure a large angle bend without breaking better.

Cycling’s eyes, must comply with anti-UV, not broken, breathable performance, cheek design. Another point is to prevent foreign matter from entering your eyes.

Good glasses, have a PL lens (polarizer: the polarizer is effectively eliminate and filter out the scattered light beam so that the light can be put into the eye visual images to track the transmission axis so that Vision clear and natural. The principle is like Venetian blinds, light is adjusted to the light and into the interior, the natural scenery looks so soft and without glare.) More importantly, the weight of the lenses and frames and the bridge of the nose, brow between design. When riding fast, it requires the nose to have a good support, not because of vibration and slid along the brow of the design is also very particular, can not let the sweat flow along the lens frame. The permeability of the lens for cycling is very important and fast moving air will take away the moisture, not in the glasses fogging. The structure of the lens material itself is the most important, in addition to a PL function, bike lenses using PC lens is very important, it can not be broken when the lens is exposed to strong shocks, no damage to the eyes broken crumbs, its strength is generally lenses can not be compared.

In addition to general sports riding glasses glasses shared role, its role in blocking ultraviolet radiation deserve special attention. Due to the different riding position, the rider than the bike ride in general people have more time to look into the pavement, thus receive more UV-reflecting eyes that will lead to long-term absorption of ultraviolet cataracts!

[Option] is also very particular about wearing glasses riding comfort. Meanwhile lenses and UV transmittance effects of different colors and textures are different, if you have to face a different effect of sunlight during the ride, choose a different color spare lenses riding glasses is a good choice . Myopia friends also can buy myopic lenses can be installed riding glasses, but the price is more expensive.

The lens of choice, should pay more attention to its functionality. Without proper protection glasses, each of which can cause serious injury and its effect on the eyes. Visible to choose a suitable bike travel requirements sunglasses, color is very important.

There are some small attention points

When buying riding glasses, pay attention to the tag on the glasses, this little brand often overlooked, in fact, the tag except tell your glasses origin, but also hidden a lot of useful information, such as what you buy glasses sunglasses or light microscopy, is a resin lens or aluminum lenses, UV index number, and so on. Clear information on the tag, can effectively help you pick one you like riding glasses.

Riding with glasses too deep can cause dangerous reactions, which are prone to accidents. It is recommended that you do not ride with dark glasses.

These purely personal summary of some small, of course, inappropriate, please point out.

November 2, 2015



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