Some basic riding skills



(A) position
Correct riding position is: the lower the upper body, head slightly tilted protrusion; natural flexion of the arms, waist bow easy to bend, lower body weight, while preventing the impact force generated due to the car bumps spread to the whole body; hands light The strong grip, buttocks firmly secured seat.
(B) pedaling
The method of cycling pedaling freestyle, toe down and heel down three.
1, Freestyle pedaling method: Currently, a number of elite athletes were powered freestyle pedaling methods. This pedaling method is to foot during the revolution, according to different parts of the ankle joint angle along with the change. Freestyle pedaling, in line with the principles of mechanics, the peripheral tangent direction when the pedal rotation force formed by the consistent reduction of the range of motion of the knee and thigh, will help improve pedaling frequency naturally through the critical zone, reducing dead spots . Thigh muscles can be obtained relatively relaxed. However, this method is difficult to grasp pedaling.
2, toe down pedaling law: it is characterized by pedaling throughout the pedaling during rotation of the toes are always down, this method ankle lesser extent, help to improve the frequency, easy to grasp, but the leg muscles always in tension, it is not conducive to natural through the critical zone.
3, heel down type pedaling method: heel down type pedaling method toes slightly up, heels down 8 to 15 degrees, this method is rarely used in normal riding, only a few people in the riding process only for excessive use of force transfers pedaling heel down type method. It is characterized by muscle force status change in a short time, to give short break, to restore muscle fatigue purposes.
Second, turning tricks
(A) Tilt law: the body of the line, tilted to the inside bend.
1, based on the car body center of gravity to the inside bend inclined people and vehicles to maintain the same angle of inclination.
2, the outside of the knee straight and knee-jerk plus point efforts, as if you want to step foot down like (but if you really put it to step down if we can not find).
3, with the inside of the knee against the crossbar, which is a good way to adjust your trajectory, reducing stress can reduce camber.
4, the outside hand slightly pull the handlebars.
A good time to use the two tilt:
You can not rush the corner (less than 45 degrees) Accelerated
We can clearly see the front but unfamiliar bend
Wet asphalt road, sloping two drawbacks:
On rainy days, although this technique can give you a good turn of traction, but its angle and weight distribution, the arrangement is not conducive to the slippery road surface; there is no corresponding reverse tilt technique more sensitive.
(B) to the law: the car upright more, the body is inclined to the inside bend.
1, move forward until the nose and brakes put in a row.
2, keeping the car straight, body bent inwardly inclined (enough to make the outside of the arm straight)
3, the inwardly curved side of the handlebar crooked.
4, elbows bent arm inside the handlebar back, while the outer arm to rotate the handlebar to handlebar launch direction.
5, keeping the knees buckle on both sides to continue pedaling.
Third, technical downhill riding on a bicycle
On the downhill road bike riding technique is a important basic technology.
(A) riding uphill technique
To maintain proper riding uphill pedaling action, can not be suddenly forced, under normal circumstances, it should not be used stand-up or pull-riding riding method, otherwise too much physical exertion. Encounter short distance hill, should make full use of the principle of inertia movement of objects easily pedaling, can be stand-up riding when approaching a hill, the speed as much as possible, to create favorable conditions for accelerating downhill. Encountered lengthy uphill, to promptly adjust the gear ratio according to their physical condition, do not wait until the ride does not move and the speed down completely change the transmission ratio, we must resolutely avoid restarting phenomenon. When long or steep hill, can be used interchangeably standing riding method, swap hard parts, so that part of the muscle to rest.
Uphill with the car not too close. Due to the force of reason uphill, driving often swing around, with the car too close, collisions may occur. Furthermore, uphill speed decreased significantly, with the car but will make their own riding methods are limited.
(B) technical downhill riding
Downhill riding to achieve the desired effect, be courageous witty, bold but cautious, focus, closely monitor the road in front of his eyes, ready to decisively deal with any situation on the road; not only to take advantage of the car coasting movement, but also to the courage to take the initiative pedaling, increase speed.
When cornering, the body and the car to be consistent, tilt, the upper body and the car in a straight line, to overcome the centrifugal forces. Tilt angle according to the speed and the curve on the size, but generally should not exceed 28 degrees, otherwise there is the danger of slipping.
To control the speed before turning. With the point of the method gradually brake deceleration, braking, brake at the same time as possible before and after use, can be slightly ahead of the front brake, front brake use, requiring the direction of the front wheels and the car forward consistent, otherwise, because of the rider’s weight and restrictions caused by the inertia of the car wrestling. After brake release into the corners, to avoid unnecessary deceleration. After using the brakes do not bend too much. Otherwise the car may turn or slip

These little knowledge useful, a lot reprint it.
November 1, 2015

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