Significance riding


What is the meaning of riding? In every human heart loves cycling, which is a different concept, may be a perception of life, or perhaps a breakthrough of self, even a growing tempered, just like Shakespeare said, a one thousand individuals have one thousand Hamlet. But no matter what kind of attitude appears, showing the form that it is a positive lifestyle. Even can be said that in this way a Declaration.

No departure, it did not arrive, there is no starting point, there is no end, I have always thought that riding is to visit one of our own lives in a very small door, through the window, and did not go out the door can not see landscape, whether good, bad, did not experience not qualified to judge its quality. Open the door, go out and experience things you have never experienced before, do not fear, departure, it is possible to reach the end of your mind.

Life, we nine to five, because busy we forget to think, or even forget the side of some of the wonderful little things, and even people. These Maybe we should cherish.

Cycling is out of this busy reasons giving himself a fake, presumptuous travel, say to stay away a very good trip, but unrealistic, after all, a lot of things are not fit, but riding Yes, riding, let me know myself, to understand look at ourselves, rethink, have been lost out of courage.

Ordinary life, has been weak as water, occasionally go out sloshing around, in fact, just as there is no stagnant water waves. Not starting, there would be challenges, there is no challenge, there would be passion. But I do not like the challenge of people exception. After all, people are not the same.

No change, there will be no progress, the more there will be no harvest. When you step out of your placid life, you will find more and more rich leisure life, the heart is also more filling, people are increasingly optimistic.

So I believe that there is a change there will be progress, we will have a larger more gains

Maybe for others what riding is not, but for me to ride is to break the routine, I lost the courage to find their own performance. So I love riding

October 31, 2015 


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