Buy bikes as well as some small knowledge

Bicycle, also known as a bicycle, usually refers to two small land vehicles.


It can be used as environmentally friendly means of transport to travel, travel. More and more people will be riding the bicycle as a fitness exercise equipment, bike trips, in itself, a bike is a competitive sport, there are road cycling, mountain bike race, track cycling race, stunt bike race and so on.

Of course, in the absence of a bike when you want a bike I like to travel, even when the exercise, see many species,
Then even she began to feel a little confused, do not know where to start.

Here to talk about personal thoughts:

First, from the use of view, if only for a short distance in less than 5 kilometers, travel to work, then ride with what kind of car are nothing different. Buy cheap can be. Of course, considering the problem parking, as well as security and other problems, or to vote for an ordinary travel on it.

Second, if a car for leisure sports, a prerequisite for the decision, and requires a certain speed, but also people riding fun, and can lift exercise bikes interest, so this position you can choose, mountain bike or road vehicles.


Price differences bike still very large, each has a price, buy a car, then it should focus on in line with their needs, after all, the most suitable is the best. After all, not a professional rider or hardcore players, and even collectors, so basically meet the requirements of the mid-range so, that’s what the brand should, in my opinion still have to see personal preferences. After all, not everyone likes the same, what is suggested here is not to give.

Cycling is also a very important part, and that is the brake system, which in the end is good to use?

V brake disc brakes with brake divided, they have the following several different points,

1. Operating characteristics. Disc brakes are pulling wire (hydraulic disc brakes, depending on the compression bunkers) clamped to the film to clamping disc brake achieve; V brake by pulling the wire around the boom, with a brake block clamp Wheel achieve braking. Therefore, disc brake arm to be much smaller, theoretically more difficult to lock.

2. The disc easily broken some bad maintenance. V brake is easier to repair and maintenance, not easily broken, but the wear and tear the rim.

3. long-distance downhill disc brakes, brake V compare the relative heat, mud road, brake failure is not easy, because of the high position, not easy mud stains; feel very linear, easy to manipulate. However, the first and third points, V brakes are employing technology to overcome this is mud, slow lacks difference, the difference is great inside game.

4. Weight. Low price than the V brake disc brakes car weighs 800g to 1kg, luxury cars gap to be smaller. For girls and elderly people and leisure riding, V brake more appropriate, light weight, easy maintenance.

5. Price. Disc brakes price is relatively high, compared to just a casual hobby riders V brake basically enough, of course, like the downhill, and violent bikers riding or using disc bars.

There is the problem of what material selected from the bicycle, in general, can be divided into the steel, aluminum and carbon fiber.
Conventional bicycle and the price is relatively low material used is essentially steel comparison, the entry-level car most advanced aluminum alloy material. This material is carbon fiber material frequently used in recent years, high-end car.

In general, choose a suitable own bike, what to look for their own purposes with economic price is, after all, buy the sake of convenience, in order to exercise, even happy, not unhappy to buying later on right?

October 30, 2015

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