Riding on some small insights

These days the Internet to see some ask what kind of brand of riding clothes(Jersey) better? Then see is a myriad of answers. Buy jersey, then you may not necessarily be good, but the good riding clothes certainly expensive. In the same quality, you can buy high quality, it is cost-effective high.

Riding on some small insights

According to personal understanding, various teams are pretty good version, like the sky, giant, trek, etc., are good, in other words, in fact, choose what kind of brand is your first determine what you want to look like riding clothes, riding now become a social fashion, riding clothes brand is endless, more and more, there is no clear target, it is easy to see the dazzling.

Want to ride a ride on the tall, we will certainly need to equip professional riding equipment, riding clothes that bear the brunt of the most prominent, the first item of equipment. Why is the brunt of it? First, it colorful and tidy, the crowd went so different are significant. Second professional jersey powerful functionality, with breathable, absorbent effect, as well as quick-drying. People feel very dry.

If you intend to ride more than one hour, then it is necessary to equip some natural foods in your pocket made massive food can enhance physical, of course, you can not use your hands to eat a lunch like this, you can only enough to pay for it kind of simple packaged foods, so before departure, you should be packing plastic with a map and other things mixed in a deep pocket, that pocket portion directly on the back of the riding coat, take out time for Free give inconvenient. T-shirt features the back pocket, very convenient feature so it is manifested.

If it is not a long ride, then perhaps not feel, wear and do not wear riding pants distinction, do not wear professional riding pants, then long-distance riding experience of the riders should know, long-distance riding ass most often feel part will rub the hurt, the skin becomes red, sweat still sticky in the body, in short, I feel very bad, put professional riding pants, relatively speaking, is really very different, nor riding I feel uncomfortable, but her body felt particularly transparent.

Here I would like to talk about riding helmet, this is the top of the head of the “big mushroom”, because it can provide protection to vulnerable head, so this is a must-rider equipment, its usefulness is to prevent hit, to prevent branches, leaves hitting, or flying stone hit, to the sun, affixed reflective logo on the helmet can prevent accidental bump in the night. Choose a good helmet, of course also have a certain to experience, it is best to wear see fit, and then buy, or inappropriate worn on the head near the temple squeezing points, the head also hurts, tight words even worn leather.

He said three large guy, of course, has been quietly paying mention names, but the body does not ring gloves, two types of gloves, has been half that, and there is a whole means. Try to choose when to buy part of the palm thick. Why is glove body were quietly pay but does not ring it? Riding gloves slip effect on the delicate work can be described under the foot work, its protective properties mainly in the event of a rollover, the riders often palms touch the ground first and then the body slowly touch the ground, and if not, then the gloves , sub-easy to make palm frayed or even damage the joints.

Another is the knee and elbow pads, like riding you should know it’s useful, I do not long-winded. Recommend riding, then it is with full of these devices, after all, no one in case things do not know, is not it?

Winter, be sure to do cold, especially in some hands, elbows, knees, ears and other clothes, then put on warm riding coat, it does not work because no good warm attacked by injuries, it is not worth the candle!

It is recommended that everyone is playing the car is not a movie, nor is the game where you can use the SAVE / LOAD Dafa, your friends and relatives are not God, no way in charge of life and death, so if you die, it must be dead can not die , so do not do anything silly in cycling when, for no reason that what is not worth hang, fast-paced world is still really good.

October 28, 2015

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