Riding clothes, riding pants of some small knowledge, and washing methods

Jersey, trench depth and fiber cross-sectional area of ​​the absorbent pants and fiber-related functions, the deeper the trench, the greater cross-sectional area of ​​more excellent moisture absorption.

Friends riding in when wearing attention away from a sharp object to avoid virtually scratch, reduce friction between hard objects, such as cleaning soiled grunge shall as soon as possible to prevent dirt clogging sectional groove

Trough ventilation effect.

Some friends like to wear pockets ride in cycling process, which will greatly shorten the jersey, pants of life, destruction of the fabric of the internal organizational structure and drop
Low functionality.

Second, the washing method

Water temperature no higher than 30 degrees, not long immersion;

Do not dry clean, do not scrub with a brush, try to hand wash, wash together should be avoided if the laundry with washing machine with sharp objects;

Do not bleach, need to add ordinary detergent (not recommended to use a strong detergent), you do not need to add fabric softener;

Do not iron

Non-drying, after suspension can light wring dry

Match riding equipment

Spring and summer

Sleeveless jersey + Cycling Shorts + Socks + shoe

Short sleeve jersey + Shorts + Leggings + armband riding underwear + + + scarf + shoe covers cycling socks

Long-sleeved jersey (thin) +4/4 riding trousers (thin) + riding underwear + shoe

Autumn season

Riding waistcoat + long-sleeved jersey (thin) + riding trousers riding underwear +4/4 (thin) + + scarf + shoe socks riding

Riding coat + long-sleeved jersey (thin) + riding riding trousers underwear +4/4 (thin) + + scarf + shoe covers cycling socks

Riding jacket + long-sleeved jersey (Fleece) + riding underwear +4/4 riding trousers (fleece) + scarf + shoe

Recommended with more than a few can be selected according to the weather from warm cool.

Among them, riding underwear can increase perspiration effect and comfort, armband and leg function primarily as sun and warmth,

In comparison, women have loved riding friends compare armband and leg of this match, when the sun can wear more adequate to fully protect the skin from sunburn,
When the sun is not very adequate intake can be removed into the jersey pocket, easy to wear off, another armband and leggings can be worn on the morning and evening when cooler weather riding
Can effectively warm. Riding vest and riding wind windbreaker excellent thermal features. When the air quality is poor when you can choose to wear the headscarf in the face,
This will not only block the dust and has some warm function, some head sweating more love riding friends can also be brought to the head scarf worn again
Helmet, so you can play with the sweat and easy to clean. Ensure dry inside the shoe during riding, riding socks play a crucial role, everyone
You can choose different Bohou riding socks depending on the season.

Individual, for example, when you have experienced all kinds of riding clothes, there is no want to put their favorite things to jersey printed up? There is no feel
I want to own unlimited imagination and perfect design cell applied to the jersey it ??

In the team, for example, it is not that the team should have their own uniforms? Is not that his team should be composed of a set of high-quality uniforms instead
Just something small factories producing it ??

To customize this level, there are two levels to choose from. Junior team does, you can choose semi-custom, is printed on the existing car jersey
Team Logo, banners, sponsor’s name Logo, you can also choose a full-custom, is from the fabric, color, style, design can choose.

Let me say what kind of riding that has it?

According to traffic
Probably sloping road cycling and cross-country riding riding
According to physical Mody
This is probably riding into corruption we relaxed riding freeride and abusive riding

Of course, this is just some individuals who say they know and you know if discrepancies, only as a reference Oh.

Then Jersey  how classification?

As we all know, cycling clothing is a clothing many people who love riding riding during the campaign, worn. It can ride status of athletes, models of determination, color combinations have been carefully designed and studied to improve improve wearing comfort and reduce physical consumption. Then you know how a bike jersey classification of it? Can be classified according to the production process it?
The answer is yes.
Cycling clothing classified in accordance with the production process, in general there are two:
First, spell color jersey:
Forthcoming colored jersey fabric cut into pieces, and sewing up according to a certain style, that is a fight color jersey and its main advantage is low cost, performance is not compromised, its main disadvantage is that you can not use a thermal transfer brush in its the printed patterns and text. General solutions for, use screen printing or embroidery way to solve the problem by printing, the following image is not printed graphic spell color jersey.
Second, the thermal transfer type jersey:
Such jersey printed pattern is characterized by bright color, any graphic printed on the jersey, not like the fight because the production of the same color jersey styles and there are too many pieces of cloth and sewing node ; relative to spell color jersey, its disadvantage is that the higher cost thermal transfer process, the price would be relatively higher color jersey Competition lot, the following heat transfer class jersey.

There is a more troublesome is the personal feeling overalls, what strap style riding pants characteristics?

It should be said strap-style riding pants riding pants is the real, normal waist pants is just a compromise on cost and demand. Road vehicle movement, bust riding pants by waist during wearing elastic pants to bring fixed position, can interfere with the waist, leg movements, causing discomfort, and does not interfere with overalls and leg movements.
The main disadvantage of riding pants strap style toilet is not convenient (- – |||), and prices are generally more expensive.

What is COOLMAX?
COOLMAX just a fabric technology, its role is to be able to make rapid sweat vapor through, but it is only this one role, it is close to the skin of this layer, just below the sponge pad cushion effect.

I need jersey it?
If your car is not a sport utility, you go carts are not “for the rider and the rider,” then riding clothes no need to buy.
If you really have “for the rider and the rider,” the desire, even if only for a willingness to Sunday Rider, you also need to have a jersey, maybe it does not increase your level, but it can make your life more bicycle comfort …… and interesting.


October 27, 2015


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