Bicycle chain cleaning, lubrication maintenance skills


Chain will be damaged if not properly maintained very fast, so that the chain be properly maintained, but how to maintain this is a problem.

When the bicycle chain needs maintenance?

1. chain easy card chain off the chain even when the emergence of this phenomenon indicates that you want to maintain the chain of

2. stampede when Kaka hear this sound, etc., indicating that there is no oil chain above (too dry)

3. cycling process, found begin reducing the transmission performance, but also to the maintenance of signs

That bike chain wear causes: what does? I probably summed up what this number, of course, if missed, hoping to add


Environment (terrain, wet, dry, mud, etc.)

Riding condition

Regular maintenance time

Largely on these factors.

Here that is a bicycle chain lubrication methods:

After each cleaning or cleaning the chain with a solvent, be sure to add oil (do not recommend the use of organic solvent cleaning)

When lubricants, pay attention to is the best of the chain is dry, otherwise easily accelerate oxidation and rusting chain.

The lubricant penetrate into these sections, a period of time to wait for it dries or sticky.

As for the quality of lubricating oil, probably just think it is a good oil, the beginning of time like water, but after some time it will dry out and so on.
Of course, do not last too much lubricating oil, to avoid excessive clogging. Bicycle chain oil as long as the key areas, it can reduce the wear and tear, reduce
Because abnormal sound out of the rotation.

Finally, use a dry cloth to wipe off the excess portion of the lubricating oil, ensure that no dirt residues.

In fact, these are small problems we can easily solve points out, of course, this also shows that the chain already old, may appear the most serious problem is the chain breaks. It’s just a situation sudden, this situation can only carry tool repair.


Of course, some people think the big deal is broken then replace the chant, then ask if you break the chain halfway, the former shop in the middle of nowhere, you supposed to?

This is cycling, the players with the best riders are afraid of the situation encountered, off the chain can be easily resolved, you can chain scission, it is necessary to bring the tool to cut off the break,
First use quickdraw temporary engagement, only way to continue a short ride, it is proposed here to ride, then we should pay attention to maintenance, after this burst shape

Case no one wanted to face, is not it?

October 26, 2015


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