Riding should know a few things


1. Do not buy too good foot


The same side of the product line, with a system of products, high-end is nothing more than a few light weight, good buy is a waste. Make do with less money can

So, more money to buy a high-end about it. Too high is a waste, but also what not to participate in the competition, right?

2. Shoes (lock shoes) to buy a good point


From the bottom of nylon, to glass fiber end, to the carbon fiber composite, and carbon fiber weave soles, each grade is different, nylon shoes

At the end of the softest, glass fibers and carbon almost two synthetic substrates, but the glass is more focused on the bottom of the lock shoe soles lightest carbon fiber weave and hard to force the

Even the effect is very good, it will not cause the feet discontinuity phenomenon, so the money as far as possible from fiber composite sole shoes to buy from.

3. cycling clothing tops can buy a little bit ordinary
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Among a set of riding equipment in the role jersey bulk is relatively small, not the pursuit of special high-style, fit it, nor

Too concerned with the drag.

4. Cycling Clothing Bottoms, can buy much better to buy more good(Jersey)

2013 Garmin Sharp Barracuda South Africa Champion Cycling Bib Shorts Black下装

For their own good points lower body is responsible for their rest of his life.
Riding pants will determine if you can sit in the car firm. Elastic strap style a lot more comfortable than style, elastic bust did not ride or mountain biking

Sha problem, but if the road leaned words will Le to the waist, with the waist force affect breathing.

5. buy a lightweight tube?


Tube itself is okay with the tire pressure, the election of size is the key. Butyl rubber inner tubes are generally lightweight, it is possible to use a long stick together and tire

, And then you. . . . . .

This place is not a place where you can save money, is simply no need to spend that money, usually with the use of enough.

6. tire to buy better


High grip, low rolling resistance, as well as some anti-piercing capability.
Choose highway tire Note: do not think there is drainage pattern of strong grip, do not be too focused on weight. Most of the road is not used in a special rain tires

. Further encouragement, then hit more than 90% of the standard tire pressure, preferably not more than 130PSI, that would reduce the grip, and you’ll spend more effort

On the control car.

7. helmet


Personally feel something less than the helmet this time just like, of course, true if the knock to the head, or something went wrong it would be late, so if the helmet

, Buy, then I tried to say the best. Please forgive me, because personally, then ride has not been dropped a few times, so I do not think so what’s the big bad helmet

Distinction, the right to wear will not let the temple pressure pain on the same subject.

8. Cycling glasses


Riding glasses, then, the benefits do not say, the choice or recommendation to buy worn.

9. Pump


No matter what your riding enthusiasts, you need a portable pump, of course, if your road riding, the proposal has a lot of equipment

A pump with a barometer, it is very necessary because road vehicle tire pressure drop quickly, 2-3 days to fall, low barometric pressure will

Tire puncture phenomenon occurs.

Of course, these things here that do not necessarily help to you, just give a suggestion, how about a little to save some money, rather than spend a no need to waste

Money. This is just some personal recommendations, like, then you can refer to reference.


October 25, 2015


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