If you are planning to buy a jersey, you do not know how to choose, you can take a look, purely proposal!

If you are planning to buy a jersey, but it does not experience do not know how to choose the jersey, or have some friends, but wearing the jersey is always really uncomfortable, not sure why this ride wear clothing line will make people feel hot, or pain in the ass when cycling then the following my  article for you that can not read, we take a look at how to judge the quality of jersey? buy It takes attention to what?

We all know that the jersey is now sold in major shopping malls everywhere, all kinds of brands very much, if you are riding clothes every purchase of seeing things that you may not know this is good or bad in riding clothes Where, then how to buy the election to suit their riding clothes it?

From the material is the case, the most common material only quick-drying effect, the use of general mesh cloth, microporous structure utilizes mesh, siphon action, and to increase the number and size of holes in the clothes, in the case of fast air convection next, sweat quickly into the air. Such ordinary fabric no insulation, so a lot of body heat will be taken away, so this jersey material is only suitable for use in the summer,

1. The mesh fabric such as pictures 格子面料plaid fabricor网纹面料textured fabrics

Then select fabrics winter fleece material should be so,

2. fleece fabric such as pictures 抓绒面料fleece fabric

The most advanced materials in addition to the personal (materials that require high elasticity, stretch) Quick-drying, perspiration, moisture, heat, wind, rain, UV, drop (mill), various bactericidal effect, even the use of air power Principles of design and production, so that there is reduced drag effect.

Here we talk about the jersey that is hand-stitching general good, jersey stitches how to distinguish between good and bad;

First row needle large ones, common market, jersey is a three-pin five wire, is advanced than the four-pin six-wire, because the use of more advanced machine was able to achieve, but also increases the difficulty of sewing, so use this Large seed stitch jersey cost some;

Second, the suture is uniform. This is relatively easy to observe, everyone can be seen with the naked eye, how the suture arrangement, if some parts are too tight, too loose some parts and the like;

Third sutures position, mainly in riding pants sewing cushion. Cycling, there is always a slight hip movement around, and if there are deviations seat position is fixed, even if just a little bit after riding for some time, you will find cushions for hip protection not only did not achieve the desired effect, but positional deviation due to the friction generated. So common some riders, even long after the athletes stage of the competition, hand pulled block portion pants, ventilation is not good on the one hand, on the other hand, some people of thigh friction Popi !!

These are the good and bad about the jersey stitches judgment method, this is relatively simple you pick up a jersey can be seen a serious look at whether the suture do the meticulous fine.

These individuals know some little knowledge, I hope to help everyone.

I wish you a speedy buy their desired jersey.

October 24, 2015


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