Riding gear (jersey)

There are narrow jersey “jersey” and generalized “jersey” parts, general commonly known as “jersey” for the cycling clothes, not including motorcycles riding clothes; commonly known motorcycle ride line service is “rider suit” or “racing suit.”
Motorcycle riding clothes and bicycle riding clothes have different emphases. Motorcycle riding clothes with wind protection for the main purpose; cycling clothing to the main purpose of a comfortable ride behavior, focusing on quick-drying, high elasticity, insulation, wicking performance; weaker performance requirements for protective motorcycle riding clothes . Fabric is also very different, motorcycle riding clothes with fur, PU-based use of materials, together with the sponge, silicone to protect the ingredients, relatively thick. Cycling jersey with polyester, Lycra-based use of materials, light and quick-drying, high-elastic.

This legend of cycling clothing.

If winter comes, the weather people, so in this season riding friends can choose thick fleece jersey fabric, this fabric than the summer of heavy, measured with fluff. Cold sweat exclude less, so more attention is the warm winter performance, quick-drying breathable with requirements on much lower, so buy winter riding clothes, you should look fabric.

This figure: Example2014 Monton Positive Energy Long Bib Tights sets

Winter, found that most people, like to hibernate as rarely go out riding, generally nest in the home heating and so on.
To ride out the words chosen jersey, I have read a little information about the thermal performance can be divided according to the following categories:

Breathable performance:
Thick fleece jersey <thin fleece jersey <thick mesh jersey <plaid fabric jersey <thin mesh jersey
Stretch Performance:
Thick fleece jersey <thin fleece jersey <thick mesh jersey <plaid fabric jersey <thin mesh jersey
Wicking properties:
Thick fleece jersey <thin fleece jersey <thick mesh jersey <plaid fabric jersey <thin mesh jersey

Also according to the material classification:
1. textured fabrics: that is, we often say that the honeycomb fabric or mesh fabric, is the most common type of morphology, its loose structure determines he has good air permeability, also decided his shortcomings easily hook wire, so recommendations road riding, then choose this fabric jersey;

figure 1,网纹面料textured fabrics

2. plaid fabric: that is, we often say that plain fabric, compact, dense lines, the advantage that is not easy to snag, the disadvantage is breathable mesh fabric performance is not so good, mountain biking, then choose to do this kind of fabric jersey is the most appropriate;

figure 2.格子面料plaid fabric

3. fleece fabric: that is, we often say pull flannel, covered with dense hair surface, its excellent thermal performance is its advantages, disadvantages are not flexible, and breathable performance is relatively poor, generally only use it in the winter riding Species jersey fabrics, the choice is to pay attention because the winter to keep warm.

Figure 3.抓绒面料fleece fabric

There is about washing:

Since all of Europe Netherlands riding clothes are used in nylon, polyester, and other high-tech synthetic fabrics, they have in common conformal good performance, not shrinking, not easily deformed, not washing fade, easy care features, so it is best follow washing instructions washing separately.

But many families for convenient, efficient, energy-saving, water-saving point of view like washing together with other clothes. It does not matter, as long as the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees, the depth clothing separately, without the use of ultra basic, under the premise of super acid washing materials can be washed together with other clothing!

Written October 23, 2015

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