Bicycle riding camp locations right choice method

Now, there are more and more people who love cycling sport, for long rides, ready to pay attention to safety. In addition, long-distance riding time-consuming, it is best not alone on the road, looking for the best partner.

In riding, his teammates need in daily life, Qi Ge think, before departure, and his teammates is best to first ride for some time to adapt it.

To control the physical distribution, in general, in half an hour uphill to rest for 5-10 minutes, rest for 10-15 minutes every hour downhill. Tip: Try to keep the whole uniform, the rhythm

, According to plan rest periods of rest and eat.
According to the physical situation promptly adjust the way we plan, would rather extend through time, if necessary. Avoid unnecessary physical overdraft, to make the physical for the subsequent unforeseen contingencies


Select the correct method for camp sites

Direction problem, before traveling to collect as much as possible areas of activity, maps and relevant information that will appear on the large steering and obvious markers do a preliminary understanding. When a contour map,

It can analyze a predetermined line and direction, such as: the need to climb a few ridge, after several Yakou, sea level rise and fall roughly circumstances. This will help determine the direction in the road. Tip: bring

With a more accurate compass and elevation table (some areas are required). Carry and protect the good maps and information.

Band signal pens and cards, to prepare for the time lost with a signpost marking. When crossing the area known as little information on the condition and more complex, the best man walked peers or to find a local guide to lead the way

. Camping questions, find safe, sheltered, dry, flat high camp. This time to pay attention to the surrounding environment, such as: Is there a falling rock Rolling Stones, wind direction on how, with or without animal nests, hives, etc.

. Try not to camp on the river, unless it is determined that the dry season, the water level does not change. Do not camp close to the water, more mosquitoes.

Camp when the election where the ground must be flat, or when sleeping very uncomfortable, at least I think so. So I prefer grass or sandy places. In fact, any place can tease tent camp, as long as they can feel safe.

Some people say that far from human habitation, where no one tent, indeed, began camping will have this idea, I started too, riding the city every day to find the place, for fear the car to lose, fear rogue encounter robbery and the like, but the idea is very Simple, Diuju ah, ah troll populated place certainly did not hit, but later found that the drawbacks of this method, the first flat field where a lot but rarely suitable for camping, in case something happens to be called not called ineffective. Later found gas stations and other places is great, a good variety of safe and comfortable, but also easy to get help, you can also solve the problem of rechargeable lights, slowly to a place like this closer to, long after it began to stay away from more populated, the so-called outdoors. Sometimes in order to be able to see a sky full of stars, it is to this feeling would rather give up some convenience and comfort, and occasionally in the wild Zaza camp.

Tip: landslides, avalanches, flash floods around the camp danger exists. The best there is water nearby camps, convenient water. For close to a fire must consider there firewood. Rain or rain

Season, depending on the terrain attention dug drainage ditches around the tent. Note tent wind wind fixed to determine the make and then break. Bedtime is best to valuables, clothing, food into account

Within (if there is space tent) and ready self-defense tool.

October 22, 2015


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