List of items Cycling road

Are you ready long rides it? Do you know what are you riding? Your riding equipment ready to complete it? Here are some essential items list of long-distance riding.

Pack bag (or backpack) (pack bag rain cover, raincoat). Along the provincial map. Headlights or other fixtures must take.
Tire Tools (tire sealant, tire repair filing, tire repair piece, Tyre, a pump), hex wrench, flathead and Phillips screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers. Inner tubes, brake shoes, short rope,

Knife. (Tool post poor condition of the players to carry, to prevent it rolling tires could not be contacted in time).
External use (Yunnan Baiyao can create posts, medical tape) cold medicine (cold capsule), anti-inflammatory drugs (cephalexin), diarrhea medicine (PPA, berberine), sunstroke drugs (fill salt agent, Agastache

Righteousness water, cool oil, wind spirits).
Sunscreen (thigh side face, neck, arms, naked, outside on the outside half of the calf).
A small amount of food (supplement once enough energy to, run out to buy), candy, 2 liters of water (at least there should be a kettle of hot water can be irrigated), toiletries.
Helmet, gloves, jersey (shirt not too loose to prevent riding drag large; at least there is a riding pants with pads) and sandals (or other shoes and two pairs of socks), stopwatch. Second

Simple sleeve jersey (for replacement), long-sleeved clothes set (July-August-free).
Accommodation guesthouse find cheaper affordable price 5-35 yuan / person range (Double bed, fan, mosquito coils, public shower is also available).
Dining way to avoid excessive pepper, to prevent angry.
Pack package goods inside plastic bags are packed, to prevent flooding.
Wearing glasses can carry a particularly long top hat brim, glasses watering when it rains riding prevent blur.
Protection of the hip can be said that the key to ensure cycling. Summer long-distance cycling, cross under the sweat easily, are also prone to dermatitis and other symptoms (already experience ^ _ ^). Sprinkle former riding

Some talcum powder can be kept comfortable. In more friction during cycling to be appropriate to add talcum powder (untested).
If no jersey, especially when riding pants, can be directly wearing elastic tights, which do not wear other clothing (already experience ^ _ ^), and the site of frequent friction smear a

These can play a lubricating grease (untested).
1. Small rubber bands scissors 2. 3. If you feel the need, you can take a small hair dryer. 4. dagger knife or something 5. riding glasses, if sanitary conditions along the accommodation is good enough,

Comrade myopia can contact lenses + sunglasses riding 6. 7. Prepare the camera a little pickle 8. day like the rain would not have brought a raincoat

Vehicles, camel bag (or a big bag), rain cover, riding helmet, riding clothes, riding gloves, riding glasses, cell phones, tents, mats, sleeping bags, tableware, lighting equipment (Torches

, Headlights, taillights)

Finally, to remind friends ready to ride, road accidents will be a variety of accidents, occurred some accident is inevitable, but must pay attention to safety. Trip safe riding, was a wonderful experience.You can do irreparable accident because a little small details on the bad, here I wish you all a happy ride.

October 21 2015 by jersey


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