Riding in progress ……

The origin of cycling: bike originated in Britain. Early in 1839 the Scottish McMillan crank rod structure made of iron bicycle wheel drive. Followed by France Michaud and his son invention large front wheel and small wheel fitted with a crank and pedal the bike can turn on the front wheels. To the 1874 British Lawson on the bike using a chain drive structure. After ten years Housitali using ball bearings and brakes, and front and rear wheels to the same size, then there is the emergence of rubber tires by Dunlop invented and started. In 1868, France began to organize the first bike race, I was in St. Cloud park famous. Amateur Cycling Championships and professional cycling championships respectively, in 1893 and 1895. 1903 Tour de France will be held, created a real history, riding movement began wide attention.

Riding is not only a way of life, it is an attitude to life. People ride in a simple way to measure the earth, chasing landscape, spiritual exile. Not to show off, not for competition, just body

Taste connotation road. Yes, always on the road! Not terminated, all the way forward, know no longer walk the day, look back, past those beautiful.

Ride, a very enjoyable sport, whether it is also walking slowly or fast forward, all have their own charm – Imagine, when we ride a bicycle, we really are a way around authentic rural road, then, slowly riding, walking slowly, obsessed country road, indulging in golden wheat field and never looked back to the busy city, quietly enjoying only their own it all, this It is a kind of feeling. Similarly, let our thoughts fly to a flat road in the blazing sunlight our eyes, but we had ready, fully ready to sprint, finally, the last five kilometers, no one is clean clothes and between words, the end point has been reached, we all walked down to his car, to smile, this is not how good game, but we have a friendly match between friends, however, we have come up with his skills. After a busy week, and only at this time, we can lay down the burden of all, put this as a means to vent, to do all the preparation, the next difficult challenge.

N To this end, I have been carrying the sport, every time out riding, there is always something to see, laughter, sadness, this world of good and evil, are all reflected not bad in my head , printed in my heart. The campaign, gives me a lot of memorable, indelible imprint – have seen a man because of a red light, speeding and had been a rider Zhuangfei, bloody scenes, long time can not be calm. Daobei pocket has also seen people who have seen the young people together to chat scene. Of course, this is a relatively dangerous thing, but to say, our life, is not there anything dangerous time? But not because of fear of danger not to do, in life there is always the danger of this kind, there is a saying not to say dangerous and opportunities, pay and get is not necessarily proportional, so that brave, they must not flinch.

We say, riding head to is not the end. Because riding no end, we are to find their own way to finish a never walk, a different way. Removed from society for a long time, the heart lazy, while the heart is restless originally only thought the road together and body, that restless heart was not stuck.

Man alive, in fact, time travel. He has been walking on the road of their own, but always accompanied by their side, in fact, only ourselves. Distant road, bumpy rugged, difficult presets, difficult to grasp, but the scenery is still heart still; all the way around, although hard work, hard sustenance unspeakable, can not be too heavy to get on first; the promise is closer and tired, Xu is farther easy, you can somehow go, nap, go straight ahead, because the road is in front of the dream in front.

Ask where? All roads lead to Rome, go out and you will find your own way. Rather than continue hovering in place, overwhelmed confused.


October 20, 2015 by Jersey


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