Sentiment riding and life

Life’s life to do numerous changes, if you do not change, it will hit the wall or run into a wall because the world was not aiming at a road is straight.

Riding fun, is not the scenery around. It is perhaps the greatest temptation is that you set a target, and then start from the beginning, thinking how the end of the scenic beauty.

You hit the road, the opportunity is no turning back, and look up the road in front of you stretch, you can not cross, because you can not fly, so only a little bit of conquest is the best choice.

Insist on how important it is for riding, because the road is very long. Explosive can only provide impulse, do not adhere to it will be thrown very far. Sometimes, the goal for a man is how

The important goal towards the front line, only put their own pain to forget, but just a goal, it will have a continuous force in supporting. Life is like riding the same person in the long

Health road, encountered difficulties, setbacks, also have to adhere to insist a little bit towards the goal ahead.

Choose your own path, tears have to go, this is their own choice, no one will for you to run away even if only one meter. Walking in front of people will wait for you, but it will not push you,

Because he was in front of you. Walking behind you, maybe it will catch up in the next eight bend over, because you do not know how much energy the man in the end there.

When Hou tired, if listening to familiar songs, you will feel a little happy. As accompaniment, life in the familiar music, is indeed a different type of support. Because in addition to the teaser, the transfer

Or a force, a joy mood.

See a big crowd, enjoy the scenery everywhere, all roads go, do yourself unique. Sometimes people just want to walk or ancestors walked the streets, looking for a little bit of history, a bit memories, also

A joy of it, the road trip of a thousand miles begins with one step, do not walk never know how far this road, on the way, what kind of landscape, will encounter anything unforeseen thing, too much, step

A step away, the sentiment of life, perception riding.

Walking in carts, sunset, the sky clouds in bloom with its charm, but also to demonstrate before the final disappearance of the United States, perhaps for the next dawn to make a more beautiful bedding. You know

Sunset Road is a division beautiful? Or dawn beauty?

I can not give you an answer, just like everyone’s life is different, every riding path selection is not the same, the key lies in that month of that year that it was that day that the second minute mood, scenery, and insights.

I exercise, I’m happy! Because I know my way only I can go on. Still suffering, happiness also, what is the pain? What is the music? Maybe the pain is also music, music is also a pain in it. In

Life go hand in hand, I think the need is still persist. . .

Persistence is a quality, a toughness, only you can not write something that you understand that is to understand, do not know just do not understand.

I insist, I choose, I insist, my way, I insist, I am happy.

October 19, 2015 by Jersey


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