Riding experience

Wearing riding clothes, riding a bike ready for a long time, they have embarked on the journey ready to look for a variety of reasons for their period of journey, a long way, this is just the beginning.

Kulei riding is also happy. When I chose to ride long distances, perhaps yes yes right kind of masochistic his body. Perhaps in the eyes of others that we are sick. But when we do not think so. If no such feeling of self-flagellation, then there is no such a lifetime of pain, you feel riding there meaning? Only with a kind of pain will understand themselves in such a situation can conquer this pain, to overcome my own sense of accomplishment. These are not people who can not feel the ride, although a little pride, but that does not make you arrogant.

Every step of life, not a little progress. Are accompanied by pain, every success is self-defeat, conquer difficulties. Independent forward, little by little, to achieve the purpose of the process. When you select an object, you have the courage to go forward. Riding well. Perhaps the result is not so important, it is important that process. The scenery along the front line, which is riding the benefits, there is no retrogression, only power forward. Riding the process you still can not go backwards, only forward force, to reach your destination. When you ride in the process you do not know what is waiting in front of you, the future is full of the unknown, excitement, sweat. When you are treading on a bumpy road, you do not know in front of what will be waiting for you? , May be the next curve
Continue for a same road, perhaps a make you more painful uphill, maybe you expect the speed downhill, perhaps unknown dangers. Always full of pain. Or excited. You always unpredictable mystery.

Perhaps this can be met on the mind, but sometimes do not pay attention, then he will pay a painful price, a little more prepared, a little more careful and less accidents.

Life is also true. In your journey of life you can not predict you along the way you will encounter on what?
When you can not predict what the future will happen when you do not complain, can not complain about anything, you have only the brave continues struggling forward. When you have to face an uphill effort to conquer. When you have a smooth flat road, you’re more careful attention to the smooth front firmly continue going forward. When you have the opportunity to Hongpeng wings, you can not be proud not be taken lightly. Because when you roses, large fast dripping time is your most likely an accident, when the direction of out of control so you have to be more careful and meticulous. We can only step by step by step toward your destination.
When you are tired when you can stop and still your wheels. Stop, savoring the scenery around you that you usually passing scenery really is so easy, so beautiful. When passing by you can not feel like you are always quiet, riding the road to slow down, to feel good about this occasionally, emptying the mind, enjoy the rare escape the troubles of everyday life, it is a wonderful life journey, but not all of you can be presumptuous of squandered youth, but also pay attention to the feet of a stepping stone, do not let it stumble you, to bring you unexpected injury.

Life long road, do not blindly brave front straight. The stop to stop the going down so easily. Empty heart meditation to feel, to feel a lot of beautiful pass.

Riding on the road there are some unexpected surprises, so before ready to go, it is recommended to do more preparation, more research away. People are social creatures, we can not say that a person riding embark on the world, and it is somewhat absurd idea. So to you and your family, and close friends, and so on. Oh to be a lot of preparation before departure! !

October 17, 2015  by Jersey


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