Youth, travel, riding

Lifetime at least two impulses, one of selfless love, a trip to stay away.

– Inscription

A few days ago, a friend recommended a book “My dear, this is not just a trip,” to me, because of the time have not had time to see, just looked at this sentence book reviews, book

But attracted me: life must have at least two impulses, one of selfless love, a trip to stay away. He looked at book reviews on deeply absorbed, which is perhaps

Since the resonance generated “love at first sight”, heartfelt love.

Hamburg guy 81 years and 84 years in Changsha, Hunan sister alone with an insistence on the dream and pursuit, riding a Yamaha motorcycle YBR125 expand their honeymoon period of four and a half months.

Along the way, Tang Jia and Thomas experienced a thrilling adventure, met beautiful people, heard the touching story …… spends only 40,000 yuan, across two continents, 15 countries traveled, riding

Km, the completion period of unusual travel.

I think this book is not just about the poor travel trip soup Jia and Thomas, but also to discover the value and meaning of travel through this period of travel, starting along the path of life and happiness. Travel

What is the meaning? Travel is not just the eyes to see the scenery, not just the people and things encountered along the way, but the mood and look at the scenery along the way to explore the unknown journey of fun!

The outside world is very exciting, how many people want to go out to explore the outside world, hoping to have a more impulsive, to have a say stay away trip, and there is a person not in the least idea

Number, maybe everyone’s mind or deep or shallow want to have this idea, but it can be put into practice very few people stop and think, because of what we are bound to live

Feet, and let those good wishes in my mind slowly spend a day or two days a year for two years, finally became no longer as strong and, therefore, not the kind of match, not the kind of


18 years old, our vision might want to go around the world; 22 years old through college, we will say so on found a job to go after; 26-year-old is stable, we would say bought a house with car

A later date; 30-year-old car and house, and so we say to go with then married with his wife; 34-year-old had a child, and so we would say go bigger kids; 40-year-old her children, and so we will say good support

The old man again, until the old man died, and so we would say go with the family retired, and finally we ourselves white-haired, no longer walk, in the end, we might say Xiabei

Son, my next life have the opportunity to walk out sooner than later ……

Why bother? Originally we can do, just because we worry too much, so that with age, those impulses of blood Just do it already became lukewarm polished white

Water, indifferent and tasteless, and tired heart no longer boiling up.

Some things not now, later you will never really done; in fact, travel to go, it was just a mentality! Some give ourselves the courage to break the shackles of the blood toward the natural impulse travels learn to persevere, to feel natural, see different people, see different scenery, to go a different way, to do a real self.

So far, maybe we find a lot of reasons, just let us lumbering pace, far away. Just want to travel, you can pick up the luggage, can walk through the Hoh Xil say, a skinny horse can crossbar Mongolian steppe, a bike can travel through China, a motorcycle can travel around Europe, I think as long as we want to do, have courage to do what will be solved, ripe.
Just do not know, I have done or not done.

For travel, we are not the lack of time and money, lack of a kind of want to start on the departure of courage, determination, lack of a correct attitude to face! A backpack, a SLR, a

Will take pictures of love, a love and freedom of work and a brave heart says stay away, and that is I think the best way of life! Of course, we must choose to travel with your people with the same pace

OK, if not, then I would rather a person.

Some people say that life is a journey, like time travel, a voice call in my heart, like far, far away. In our bodies healthy, to live every minute to the extreme! 

This is a classic ALICE discourse, of course, my heart!

Do not take the unusual way, love strangers, taking advantage of the young to stray, only to find an outlet rebellious soul. With youth, with blood, put on your jersey, ride your car to a different travel period say stay away.

Unbridled youth, uninhibited years, fingertips left us, taking advantage of youth, taking advantage of health, to a ride to a trip, to a tour.

October 16, 2015 by Jersey 


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