Two rounds on the most beautiful landscape

There is a shining boy, wearing a shiny blue-purple helmet, from the high bike leaned down, like the wind passing. On colorful wheels spinning it seemed singing his heart, or to throw out a thin young melancholy.
Walker is no longer a team of young and not very expensive equipment to pull the wind, idle and comfortably parked a red light at the intersection. Skew bike, like breathing horses, echoing the unkempt white hair, red rose face and exhaled mist.
Motorists middle of the road, take a break or inertia to come up with a mobile phone, a message sent APP: I hope to get where you are, allow or accept? Another APP come out, I can not wait to remind the periphery of cuisine and entertainment. Motorists thoughtfully, rider of the screen, inadvertently printed in a landscape.
Ever since the automobile, the city’s landscape had changed, and even have disappeared. Squares and gardens, passing quickly, back to a simple reference. Road in the flower beds, simplified to come and go in isolation. Between the driver’s eyes, the Front and rear, left and right hope Gu, all foreign objects, constitute a roadmap to reach a destination.
Ever since the mobile phone, city landscape changed again. Roads become lines, the direction of the arrow to become, brick has been transformed into bits. Driver’s nerves, attracted more nourishing. Narrow and closed space, squeeze more space, compete with the body to go next door.
Passing four wheels, body spin easily between the various destinations. Between the roof and the roof, the street has become by allowing only where they can not stay. Even staying in calculating mind also flashing yellow light, red light conversion tease anxiety and boredom.
Travel on two wheels, blocking the speed of inertia, but in between the starting point and destination to accommodate the journey. Process is no longer some haste and lights flash alternately vague sign, there will be cool breeze blowing the skin, feet will be played with the bow of the body force, stood up when the back pain will be. Not occasionally, but also to see the other person road smile on his face.

Two wheels, the release of the bundled on four wheels nerves. At some intersections, there will be unforeseen idea from the heart to the fore. Childs crooked on their own, little friends envy or derision look; a replacement store signs, there have been brought out a bowl of steaming noodles red and green.
Wheels like a devil, who gave liberate our feet, subsequently kidnapped our eyes slyly landscape. Phone is a gift we give own, now have to turn over to start the master, all the time looking at your body’s precise position, ready to be of kidnapping and soul.

Walking on different roads, feeling different locations, different characters, different landscapes of breath, as if ready to put themselves in nature, natural surround you, fresh and clear in the world emerges in front of you, that everything is It is so different.

Wheel in the world, already destined to be sacrificed speed for the scenery. However, in our journey which, due to lower bit rate, for example, from four to two, the potential loss is not significant. As those teenagers riding, really tired, they will be the car down, sit on the curb, pulling out the phone, Cou Cou positive circle of friends with the lively ferment.

 October 15, 2015  by  Jersey


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